Well it almost been a year since I retired from AT&T.  So what have I learned over the past year? Plenty.

First I learned that life is what happens while you are making other plans. While we make plans for the future, when we retire, get older, have more money or whatever, the world keeps on moving.  There’s no sense in waiting because what you will discover is that life has moved on.  The world has changed. It’s better to do the things we want to do now instead of waiting for someday.  Someday will never come and meanwhile life will keep happening.

I always thought when I get to be such and such age or retire I would do great things.  Well if I wasn’t doing great things before retirement, it’s not likely that I will be doing great things during retirement.  You are still the same person you were before retirement.

I discovered that since I’m still the same person that I still have the same values.  But now I can exercise those values with the safety net that comes with retirement.  So I’m going to pursue the same interest that I pursued before but with more freedom and knowledge.

In the past my interest revolved around health, speaking and writing.  None of that has changed.  But now I’m going to take each of those to a new level.  I have the knowledge and the freedom.  Now I just need to exercise the will to get it done.IMG_4966.JPG

There are billions of people in the world and every one of them is special. No one else in the world is like you. – Muhammad Ali

We’ve heard that each of us is unique. No one has our exact fingerprints. No one has our exact voice. We are each unique and different just like each snowflake is different.
So what does it mean to be unique and different? Why are we each different?

I think we are each an individualized part of the whole. This whole can be the whole of humankind or it can be the whole of everything that is. We are each like a puzzle piece that is required to complete the picture. If a piece of the puzzle is missing the picture will not be complete or be as perfect as it could be.

So if we want the universe to be complete then we must be who we are. We don’t need to be a copy of anyone else, that’s not what is needed from us. What is needed from us is for us to be our unique and authentic self.

If you’re trying to be a copy of someone else, it won’t work. If you are trying to be anything but your authentic self, it won’t work. But if you are being yourself, if you are doing things your way, if you are doing what you can do – then you are contributing to the universe. You are helping complete the puzzle. You are being special by just being you.



As I step out in faith to do something new and daring, I may feel like I did when I first went off the high diving board at the swimming pool. I was scared because when we make the conscious choice to let go of our comfortable position or surroundings, it may be fearful.

But when I’m doing something new, just like when I was diving, my fear quickly is replaced with exhilaration and excitement as I soar through the experience with complete trust. I let go of my fear. I tell myself, God is with me and all is well and I dive.

Letting go of fear is liberating. As I let go and trust God, I open the way for God’s perfect expression within me and in all the circumstances of my life. I don’t worry about the outcome, for I know that all is well. I know that God is in charge and that I am being divinely guided and blessed.

When you find yourself doing a new thing or something that is frightening – replace your fear with excitement and exhilaration. If you have the urge to do a thing, I believe you can move past your fear and do it.

Let go. Have faith. And just dive.

In Wallace Waddles book “The Science of Getting Rich” he makes a profound statement that answers the question of how do you become rich. He simply states that “the cause of success is some power within you; you have the power to develop any power to a limitless extent; for there is no end to mental growth; you can increase the strength of this power indefinitely. This is true no matter what area you are seeking success. It is true for good health, for relationships as well as financial success.”

The power for all of our successes is within us. This is the marvelous design of the universe. So no matter our circumstances we can still use this power. Since we can all use it, Life can be considered a fair and equal proposition for all of us. We surely do not have the same circumstances. Our circumstances are like our fingerprints, personal and unique. But our power to handle those circumstances is the same.

Our power is the same because we all have power over our thinking. We may not be able to determine our circumstances but we do determine what we think about them. And the power of design and creation is in our thinking.

Your power is within you. Use it or lose it.


Let me smile with gratitude when good fortune befalls me.  Let me never become proud, imagining that good fortune is the reward for my virtue and goodness.  Let me never become complacent, imagining that good fortune will always be my lot.  Let me never cease to enjoy good fortune when it occurs.  And let me share my good fortune with others.
I pray for good fortune for me and for you.  Because I know prayer works.  So be on the look out for the demonstration of my prayer and yours and my good fortune.