The Power Within

In Wallace Waddles book “The Science of Getting Rich” he makes a profound statement that answers the question of how do you become rich. He simply states that “the cause of success is some power within you; you have the power to develop any power to a limitless extent; for there is no end to mental growth; you can increase the strength of this power indefinitely. This is true no matter what area you are seeking success. It is true for good health, for relationships as well as financial success.”

The power for all of our successes is within us. This is the marvelous design of the universe. So no matter our circumstances we can still use this power. Since we can all use it, Life can be considered a fair and equal proposition for all of us. We surely do not have the same circumstances. Our circumstances are like our fingerprints, personal and unique. But our power to handle those circumstances is the same.

Our power is the same because we all have power over our thinking. We may not be able to determine our circumstances but we do determine what we think about them. And the power of design and creation is in our thinking.

Your power is within you. Use it or lose it.


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