409369-witch-casting-a-spell.jpgThere are many definitions of a spell. It can be a magic ritual, an incantation or a secret writing. It can also be a covering, a hypnosis, a mezmerizing effect, as in under a spell. Spells are typically administered by witches or those connected with the underworld or some special magic.

Well I have a different view of spells and what it means to be under one’s spell.

All people are basically the same. They experience the same emotions in identical circumstances. They share the same feelings of happiness, sadness, love and fear.

Just like we all bleed red blood we are all the same on the inside emotionally. Because of this sameness many times we resonate with others. We see ourselves in them or we see something about them that we want to be close to.

Though we may seek out those who are similar to ourselves we also seek out those who represent what we aspire to be. In this way emotions can be contagious. We can actually take on the good feelings of another. And of course, that would mean we can take on the negative feelings of others too.

This intermingling of emotions is what I think produces “the spell.” We enjoy being around positive people. We enjoy being around people who see the best in us. We enjoy being around people who are being their best. We enjoy being under their spell.

People that have the ability to put others under their spell have charisma. Charisma is the ability to charm and inspire others, a divinely conferred power or talent. Charisma is a gift given to all but only positive, happy people accept and use this gift.

When people use their gift of charisma they can induce spells on others. Their positive attitudes can be contagious. Then they can begin to make a difference in the world and in the lives of others.

People seldom listen to or respond positively to negative mean people. They respond to those who seem happy and encouraging. People just like good nice people.

It’s a very simple principle and I have found it works in my life. Long ago I learned, saying “please” and “thank you” or “I’m sorry” or “excuse me” go a long way in smoothing out the rough edges of life. It doesn’t take much and the pay off is so huge.

Most people don’t believe this or practice this. Those are the people that are usually wondering what happen. These are the ones that are under my spell!

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