Lunch By Dad

My dad was one of the most creative cooks I have ever known. During my youth when I didn’t realize how little we had, my dad would make lunch using anything that was available.

At our house I don’t ever remember us having a steak. Not a T-bone, not a sirloin or a rib eye – the closes we came to steak was a stringy cube steak. We didn’t have shrimp or seafood. Sauce never was separated from the pasta and the pasta was always either spaghetti or macaroni. There were just so many foods that I didn’t have and was unaware of until I left home.

But at home my dad could mix pork and beans and rice, or hot dogs in spaghetti or a salad consisting of a leaf of lettuce, half of a pear or peach with a tablespoon of mayonnaise and call it a meal. Whatever was there, he would put it together and that would be our lunch.

Mom and dad worked different hours. So my dad was there for lunch and my mom for dinner. We didn’t know that the cooking role could be gender specific. We just knew that daddy provided lunch and the only thing you could be sure of was it was made with love.

Father’s Day is coming. Do you remember what your father cooked for you? Is there something you cook special for your children?

Our memories can come from many sources. Make good memories. Use food. Do like my dad did. Feed your children love.

5 thoughts on “Lunch By Dad”

  1. Love this story. Thanks for sharing. My Dad, Jalester Linton was a great cook especially with barbecue, steak, rice and leftovers. He’d clear the refrigerator of leftovers, add stewed tomatoes and call it Goolum-Goolum. I just made some last week.

  2. Not only did he grow them in his own backyard (well… actually it was on the side of the house), my dad could make a mean pot of collard greens. With smoked turkey wings favoring the “juice” and just the right amount of peppers to provide the sass, daddy’s greens hit the spot. Momma’s hot water cornbread was always the complement. Greens and cornbread was all you needed. I miss them both so much but am grateful that I they were able to pass on these two treasures that I now prepare for those that I love.

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