My Word

If I say it I mean it.  If I say I’m going to do it.  I do it. I am a man of my word.  My word is my bond.

It must have something to do with how I was raised, but I believe it is important to do the things I say I am going to do.  I don’t think excuses, backing out, changing my mind are the correct responses when I said I’m going to do something.  The correct response is to do it.

This thing of keeping your word is a very personal thing.  It is a value, a personal value that one can establish for himself.  No one else can establish our personal values.

Our personal values reflect our standards, what we will and will not stand for in our lives.  No one has to know what our standards are, but we do.  And we know when we do not live up to our own standards.  That’s when it’s difficult to sleep or tough to look ourselves in the mirror.

We all have the need to love and respect ourselves.  It can be difficult to do this if we know that we can’t be counted on.  We know that we not only lie to others but lie to ourselves.  It can be tough to like yourself when you know that you can’t be trusted.

Self-love, I think, comes with self-acceptance and self-fulfillment.  When we like ourselves and know that we are doing what we said we would do, we show self-love.  When we do this our souls feel fulfilled.

When we do not feel fulfilled, we feel empty or like something is not right.  That’s because something is not right.  We are not living our truth.  We are not being true to ourselves.

I experience the strength of my values through my exercise program.  I value being healthy and in good shape.  I value setting goals and completing them.  This shows up in how I exercise. 

Do I get up and get after it when I don’t want to?  Yes, I do.  It’s what I value.  Do I push myself to do more than others may think is required?  Yes, I do.  It’s what I value.  Do I see the difference it makes in my life and use that for motivation?  Yes, I do.  It’s what I value.

This attitude of honoring my values also shows up in my personal pursuits like speaking and writing.

Do I set writing goals?  Yes, daily, weekly, monthly and annually.  Do I have to force myself to write?  Yes, most days it’s hard to get started but after starting the words just flow.  Do I discipline myself to keep at my writing?  Yes, I do.  Even when I come up short, I keep pursuing my goals, doing what I know will work.

The most important area of my life where my attitude and commitment to my values is critical is my character.  My character is who I want to be.  I want to be a disciplined person that can be counted on.  I want to be an honorable person that others like and respect.  I want to be someone that I can look at in the mirror each day and like what I see.

I can only be all of that if I keep my word.  It is important that I keep my word with myself and others.  I must practice every day being the best I can be.  I must keep my values in mind and have the courage and strength to live up to those values.

This is not an easy way to live but is a better way to live.

If you do the things in life that are easy your life will be hard.

If you do the things in life that are hard your life will be easy.

Keep your word it will make your life easy.

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  1. This was a good read Michael. I wish you could speak with our Congress. I believe that they would benefit greatly by what you would say to them about keeping their word.
    Love this!

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