As a motivational and inspirational speaker, I learned the importance of stories. Stories make it easier for us to deliver and digest information. Stories provide us with entertainment as we enjoy the skills exhibited by the storyteller. They also inspire us and helps us see the world differently.

A good teacher, preacher or any other speaker will use stories when they speak. They mesmerize us with their stories. They help deliver the point.

I was taught that a good speaker will tell a story to make a point or will make a point and tell a story. In an effort to become a better speaker I discovered storytelling guilds. These are people that meet regularly to tell stories. It was a world I didn’t know existed.

I have gotten very involved in storytelling guilds and have learned much about storytelling. There are many types of stories. I favor stories that deal with history and personal stories.

This book is an accumulation of personal stories. Many of these stories I have posted on social media. I think more people read my writings on social media than they do my books. But I wanted to document stories that readers appreciated. I wanted to share them in as many formats as I can.

I hope these stories inform, inspire and entertain you. That’s my intention. Enjoy.

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