Story 6: Are You Scared?

Are you scared? Are you scared to make a mistake? Are you scared of not being perfect? Are you scared of trying something new and different?

Of course, you say you’re not scared. You say you are tough. There is nothing that scares you.

But if you weren’t scared how would you live different? What would you try if you didn’t have to be scared that you would fail? What would you do different if you weren’t scared that you wouldn’t have enough money, enough time or enough of any other necessary resource? What would you do?

I think we all sense that fear. We all hesitate when it comes to doing something new. We wonder if we will succeed or fail.

So, most of us probably are scared when it comes to trying something new. But the successful ones fight through the fear, they suck it up and do it anyway.

For me when I face that fear, I resort to the basics. I break things down into manageable parts. I do research, I ask questions, and sometimes I even ask for help. What I don’t do is give in to the fear by not doing anything.

I’ve learned that when we get any idea that idea is something that we can make real. But we usually just think another thought or think about why it wouldn’t work and go on with life. I think if we think it and write it down we can begin to make any idea a reality.

When you write down the idea you begin to really see it. You see the many parts of the idea. You see how elements like time, space, resources, etc. may affect the idea. You start to see small things that you can do.

The next thing to do when we have those ideas is do something that pushes you in the direction of the idea. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just something that keeps the idea alive. If you do one thing it may lead you to another thing that you can do. You may get started and make real progress on your idea.

If you change that idea to an intention or a goal you can begin to work with it. You can list as many actions as you can think of and begin to prioritize them. Then it’s just a matter of getting them done.

We put too much stress on ourselves when we think that we can’t make our big dreams come true. We just need to break things down in parts and as we complete the small parts we are completing the whole project. By just starting we are increasing the chances that the right answers, the right help will come our way. But you’ve got to start.

I always say, decide what you want, declare it to the world and then get to doing the work. Soon you’ll delight in your achievement.

If we don’t decide, set a goal, or establish an intention, then we are just wandering in the dark. We are aimless, like a rudderless ship.

But if we do set goals and set our sails we can determine our destination. We can get what we want. The winds may blow and even change directions, but we can change our sails and use the wind for our power.

It’s up to us. We are the masters of our ships. We determine if our ideas will become dreams and if those dreams will come true.

When you have a good idea, write it down. Look at it closely and decide if it is something you want to pursue. If the answer is yes, then break that goal down to manageable parts, set priorities and then take some small action.

We can make our dreams come true. We just can’t be too scared to start. Are you scared? Don’t be, act.

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