Story 7: The Power of Focus

If you choose to see what is wrong, if you choose to see what is broken, if you choose to only look at the negative in life – that’s what you will find. If you choose to see the ugly in the world, if you choose to see that which is bad, then that’s what you will see and you will see more of it.

But if you choose to see potential, if you choose to see all the things that are right, if you choose to see the beauty in the world – then that is what you will see. We see what we focus on, good or bad.

People don’t see the power of focus. If you put your time and energy into what you decide to see and see it as good, as potential, then the world will change.

There is literally a portion of your brain that determines if what you see is good or bad, to determine if you should run or stay, flight or fright. You can shape that portion of your brain. You can shape your life.

The brain never hears sounds or sees sights. The brain takes signals transmitted from our eyes and ears and then determines what it is we are hearing or seeing based on past experiences. This is how we construct our reality. Our brain determines what we see and hear.

We can decide to take control. We don’t have to default to old ways of thinking. Once we take control we will be surprised how our vision and our hearing has changed. We can construct optimism and positivity and that’s what we will see and hear.

We have all experienced this control we have over our lives through focus. When we focus on one type of car or any other object, they seem to just pop up all over. We see that car or object everywhere that we hadn’t even noticed before.

When we begin to use this same sense of focus and control in our lives, just like with the car, we can make things show up. Then when we see things going our way, when we see more positivity, we will begin to do more. We will begin to act as if we know good is coming our way. We know that our efforts will be rewarded, they will produce our desired result.

Once you get to this point you won’t be thinking about what you can’t do. Instead, you will see your own potential, you will see things that you can do, you’ll be able to connect the pieces and make things happen. This is when the world opens up to you.

When you take control of this process you will understand your power. You will know that you can make things happen in your life. But first it begins with focus. You must focus on what you want. You must focus on the positive. You must focus on changing your life.

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